Communicate with your best friend on a whole new level with our second generation dog learning sound buttons. get to know your dog better than ever as they literally tell you what they are thinking.

Simple To Use

All our dog buttons are pre-labeled and come with already recorded words, so all you have to do is put in the batteries and you’re ready to start teaching them to talk! 

Learning Support

With all our purchases you can sign up to our learning center for free. Find tips, tricks and video guides on how to best teach your dog to communicate with buttons

Excellent Audio

All our buttons are built to the highest standard with a larger, amplified speaker so you can hear your best friend talk even if you’re not in the same room

Our Products

Starter Pack

Get your dog started on their communication journey with this starter pack. It features the 4 beginner words and comes in both a male & female voice version.

Starter Pack II

Continue your dog on their communication journey with this second starter pack. It features 4 new words and comes in both a male & female voice version.

Love You Button

Teach your dog to tell you that they “Love You” with this standalone button. Take your bond to a new level. It comes in both a male and female voice version

Meet Our Happy Customers

“We started teaching Monty how to talk and he picked it up pretty quickly. Now he can tell us what he’s thinking. We love it”


James D & Monty

“Once we convinced Juno not to eat the buttons he really started to pick it up fast. Now he tells us what he wants”

Dog with food dog button

Tim S & Juno

“The buttons are of high quality. They can be heard from a different area of the house. Easy to press for Roger so he can tell us stuff”


Marsh K and Roger